Cambium Networks Open House at WISPAPALOOZA 2019

Be sure to attend this year's Open House at WISPAPALOOZA in Las Vegas. 

  • Learn about the latest products and services to:
    • Increase throughput in existing spectrum
    • Deploy connectivity in new spectrum
    • Increase revenue by identifying new customers and upselling existing customers


Monday, Oct 14 at 5:30 pm at the Rio Hotel

Plan to also attend the reception and demonstrations following the presentations.

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The new medusa will be showed? Some legends speaks about that it 'll be less wide but deeper with better tx modulation :-)

If you're speaking of the 3 GHz 450m, then that's the one in the picture above!

It is a bit deeper, a bit taller and a bit heavier than the 5 GHz version. It also is capable of MUCH higher EIRP than the 5 GHz version... leading to superior coverage and range, and the ability to do some near and non Line of Sight deployments.

We will have this on display at WISPApalooza, and ready to answer questions about it, and the ability to operate in the CBRS band with the 450 platform!

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No no I am speaking about 5 GHz :-)