Cambium Networks PTP 650 - Wireless Backhaul - Video Keren Dj

Next I share information about installing a point to point link using cambium ptp 650 radio with a distance of about 30 kilometers. 

Video Keren Dj

The test results are very satisfying maybe there are friends in this forum who want to share their knowledge, the device settings are in the video below.

Cambium Networks PTP 650 - Wireless Backhaul - Video Keren Dj 

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Thank you. What sort of a business or service are you providing over the PTP link?

Hello Keren DJ,

I see that the performance in the final shot does not match up to the intial estimate provided by LINKPlanner. Would you be able to share the LINKPlanner project file with me?



the following link planner is attached
what I installed now is that the license is only lit, not full, it should be okay, no problem
ping ip using the 65000 ok replay load

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as an internet network, voip, application, data between headquarters and branches.

I have installed this device until now it is still active for around 4 years in December 2018 yesterday, I just had physical maintenance and the pointing direction at this time was all smooth.

there may be input from you for this device.
super greetings from me sanusi from Indonesia.

Thank you Karen DJ. I was wondering if you could send me the actual LINKPlanner project file with the .ptpprj extension. Thanks again.