Cambium PTP with Mikrotk Fall

Hey friends.
I have change my Mikrotik PTP for Cambium 400C
After the change some clients cant open some webs and emails.
If i change back for Mikrotik PTP is work right.
I show pictures for you on this link.
Thank for you can help me.
Greating from Spain.

Hi @costablancawifi, welcome to the community.

What errors do they get? Is it only some sites that fail?

I recommend you create a support ticket.

Yes and some other works perfect.
Same for the email box.
Very very slow and long time for start.
If ou wan i can make one video for you.

Looks like a mtu’s problem.


Unfortunately this is the sort of problem that is likely to require a detailed investigation. A support ticket will ensure that the right people from Cambium can look into it, while members of the community (like @MW_WISP) continue to help out here.

(Also I believe we have dedicated Spanish speakers on the support team)

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Is right.
I have change the Hap Mikrotik for one Tp-Link and is working perfect.
The probléme is i have around 500 clients with Hap Mikrotik.
I dont know wots i have do make it.
Thanks for your time.

I belive is that.
I try more options.

Did you solve your problem?