Cambium Solutions - PTP, PMP100, PMP450 and ePmP1000

Hi Everyone ..
We recently sent some pictures to Cambium Networks to Facebook from our last project carried out.

We are a WISP and we use 100% Cambium technology, and we are sure that without them we could not have achieved the goals and we would not have opportunities for growth or expansion.

We started with Broadband Wireless in 2001 and after working in 2.4 and several marks and products, in 2006 moved everything to Canopy 5,7Ghz.

Currently we cover about 20 cities and towns through a network of links Point to Point and PtMP, distributed between 23 Remote Sites.

We provide broadband Internet (2Mb, 3Mb, 4Mb, 6Mb, 10 and 20Mb) and IP Telephony, over the same client wireless connection.

In 2006 we started with PMP100, and when PMP450 appeared on the market (2014), we began to use this technology to reduce traffic in the clusters AP5750 and allow us to continue growing. PMP450 is highly robust and are achieving total traffic for about 40Mbps of Download.

Unfortunately for reasons of limits on the imports of technology to our country, it is not easy to get PMP450 technology equipment, so we also had to develop and implement ePmP1000.

The photos uploaded to Facebook of Cambium, for the last installed remote site, which is on a hill 300 meters high (1,100 ASML). The place is almost inaccessible, so we used a 4 x 4 truck (Unimog) to climb and carry up, the tower, construction materials and equipment. On the issue of energy it was also a challenge, as we had to deploy 1150 meters of cable to power 2 x 16mm to the base where we have access to electric power. Point-to-point link is made with PTP650 Conectorizado from our NOC to that point (52km) and a combination of ePmP1000 distribution (residential customers) and PMP450 (large customers).

Once the site is in production, for any normal maintenance, access will be through a trail walk for 50 minutes. !! :)
As you can see from that point we have a great view of several important growth areas in current around a lake (Dique Los Molinos).

Attachment few more pictures.

Roberto Ravetti

Gerente Tecnico

ITC Comunicaciones IP S.A.



Hi Roberto,

This is fantastic and it's great to see a 100% Cambium network. Nice view of the lake there too.



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