Cambium Switch - Console | SSH - terminal monitor log output


I am currently using a cambium switch EX1010-P, Firmware: Diag-2.03.01, Software: 4.0.1-r2, and unable to see live “log outputs” on the terminal.

That is, Cisco’s “terminal monitor” on SSH/telnet or “logging console” on Console.

I tried the following commands on the switch but to no avail:

conf t
logging on
logging console
logging severity …(all the various types)

Can’t find anything on the manual nor Internet either. Kindly assist.

Not supported for ssh, only telnet and console.
Same topic here


Hello Mixig. Thank you for your response.

I checked this forum. Unfortunately the commands recommended for telnet does not work either!

Didnt try telnet, it is unsecure.
We are waiting Cambium support to answer that question.

Terminal monitor for ssh exist decades on some other vendors