Cambium Wi-Fi connected Global Leaders in Global-Entrepreneur-summit 2017 (#GES2017) in Hyderabad

Here is our success story of recent Wi-Fi deployment for a high-density event in India. Global Entrepreneur Summit which happened in Hyderabad from 28th untill 30th November in HICC convention centre was powered by Cambium Wi-Fi.

 This was one of the most high profile event of the year where 5000+ guest and Entrepreneur across the world including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, White House adviser Ivanka Trump, Cisco’s Chairman John Chambers, Governor, external affairs minister, Chief Minister, IT Minister and many others participated.

We have deployed about 100 cnPilot indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi AP’s (e400, e500,e501S and e502S) to cover open area’s/Dining area, public place and main Auditorium hall with seating capacity of 5000+ which was covered with 40nos of e501S, and e502s AP's. On average about 1260-1400 concurrent devices per day were latched on to Wi-Fi with peak of 1450 devices with seamless experience. Event went really well with no user complaints (helpdesk team had fun and lots of selfies with celebrities as no complaints :-) )

Making this event was a big challenge (and learning) on how to deliver best Wi-Fi in high-density events and also being high profile event, was being monitor directly by Govt. of India officials for performance. we had to overcome many critical challenges like ceiling height (we had to mount AP’s at ceiling at 45feet height with metallic structure, high interference due to high count of AP’s, interference mitigation/avoidance by isolation and right AP placement, and lot of Bluetooth devices (1000’s of Bluetooth devices was given as gift to guests which caused huge interference during event.

Cambium AP’s handled user load and data traffic perfectly and few locations each AP handled 70-100 clients without any issue. (See the screen shot attached where 8 AP’s handling 544 Clients)

Secret sauce to successful deployment was proper RF designing and cnMaestro configuration, Right channel planning etc. Teamwork was also an essential part of success.

Few pics are attached for your reference.

Event Hall with 5000+ seating capacity for all guests544 clients connected on 8 AP'sAP in ceiling inside metallic structure


Proud moment for Cambium Networks :-)

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Well done Cambium! It is great to read success stories such as these where Cambium is successful in the arena where Ruckus, Cisco and HP has dominated the market for so long. Let's continue to build the success of the Cambium brand!