CAMBIUM WI-FI Router Changing Password Problem

So I have been trying to change the WI-FI password on my Cambium Router for quite some time now and it tells me to go to a certain IP address link but still can’t sign into it. Need Help.

How do I sign in properly into the IP address link so I can configure my Cambium Router Password?
It is has a setup of 2 different Wi-Fi link networks which is 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz.

Please Educate me on how to solve these problems, Thank You.

Hi Gage Evan Nepoose,

What error are you getting while login ?

If router is in factory setting you can log into it using link and default credentials are admin/admin .

Let me know firmware version you are running , In few older releases , UI login through wireless client is disabled by default . So you will need to login through LAN client and enable wireless login.


are you an end user or a provider? If this is a device provided by an ISP it may be locked down