can 450i SM provide sync/data/power to 450i AP on aux port?

If I have a 450i sm that is at a customer location and then i want to put a 450i-AP on the aux port of the SM (for a micropop) is there a way that "Cambium style sync" will pass to the AP that is daisy changed to the SM? Or will i still need a uGPS/packetflux devices conencted to that AP's Aux port to get sync?

Yes you can with some caveats... please see THIS post.

Also, the uGPS is no longer available, it has been replaced with the cnPulse sync generator.

Another potential solution would be the newly announced MicroPoP APs. We are offering them in sector or omni form factors. They will be available at $999 MSRP and will start shipping in August.

I will post here again when the spec sheet is posted on the site (by next week).

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I also did a webinar on this a couple weeks ago... you can see the slides and watch that HERE.

so looks like i would need to make a customer breakout cable going from the 450i-SM to 450i-AP because both ports will need used on the 450i-AP ???

Matt, I've been waiting over a year for the Micro-AP's to come out

Me too!

What's one more month? They'll be shipping in August.