Can anyone please tell me which Models of PMP450 or PMP450i have integrated antennas?

Many thanks!


There are quite a few radios that feature integrated antennas across all frequencies, it would be a significant amount of work to list all of them. Could you narrow it down a bit perhaps? What frequency are you looking for, and are you looking for AP's or SM's, or both? Lastly, do you want part numbers, and for what country, FCC, EU, or ROW?

Thank you for your reply, Eric.

I am asking PMP450 and PMP450i APs, 3GHz, 5GHz, Canada.


Even after clarification, this is still a rather large list of radios. Do you have a distributor that you're working with? You should reach out to one of them, they should be able to get you the correct part numbers you're looking for.

Thanks, Eric.