Can anyone recommend a 5 or 6 port smart switch that has POE out on all ports. 24V DC

We have a mikrotik 750UP powering 4 devices. We need to add a 5th and possibly a 6th device, but the 750UP only has 4 POE ports. Is there a smart switch that can take 24V in and put 24V out on 5 or more POE to power our gear? Our charge controller only has one load capability so adding a 2nd 750UP may not be that simple. Thanks

This requires 48v in but that is easily accomplished with an up-converter.  These switches are wonderful to work with.

Will camswitch mobile work for you?

I was looking at these devices, but I had two concerns. 1) it says it uses 250 Watts. I don't know if that type of load will kill my batteries a lot faster and then take my network down. 2) Does using an up converter also create a strain/drain on my batteries?  I don't know squat about solar, are my concerns valid? Thanks

The Netonix switches with 250 in the name are rated for up to 250 watts output.  The 6 port mini draws about 6~8 watts on it's own.  Most modern voltage converters are 90+% efficient.

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I used 750UP on all my site. What i do is we use the 2 power input. The 750 UP always use to higher voltage so i put my dc power on the 750up and a up converter with charger on the poe input in port1 with less voltage. I used a script to monitor the 750up voltage so when he came down to the POE input voltage they send me a message to tell me they are on battery and another message when the voltage came too low... no more port i daisy chain another 750up on the port 1 with the same setup. Cheap and efficient!

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