Can Canopy Support IPv6

I am getting ready to deploy Canopy and all my routers and switches support IPv4 and IPv6 but I would love to just set it up as IPv6 and not have to touch them all again in 2 or 3 years if I don’t have too. So my question is does it support IPv6 or does anyone know if they plan on IPv6 through a flash? or will I need to deploy new AP’s and SM’s? Well I hope someone may know. I know we won’t run out of IP’s till 2010/1012 time frame but that’s only 2.5 to 4 years… So I don’t want to climb a tower worst case or spend all kinds of time reprogramming IP’s and flashing… Thank you in advance.

Daniel Beltz
Northstar Coimputer Technologies
Marquette, MI

Most people put private IP subnet to manage Canopy platform so it doesn’t matter when/if IPv4 runs out.

Canopy will pass through IPv6 just fine because it’s natively layer 2.

The only time you would run into a problem is if you have public IPv6 addresses and the SM is in NAT mode. Canopy NAT currently only does IPv4.

I understand that… But there is a private address area for IPv6 and if I can keep everytihing in one area it would make life easier… Not that it is impossible just easier…

I was dreaming a pppoe client on a PMP-100 that allow ipv6 protocol and prefix delegation…

Unforunaly it was only a dream :frowning:

ps. Happy IPv6 Day Cambium Networks.

Up. :frowning:

IPv6 support has been talked about for a long time, I think they’re calling for it late this year or early next year. It would indeed just be a new software load.

LOL @ “PPPoE with IPv6” from what I read on here PPPoE on IPv4 is bad enough :wink: