can CMM works as 2 switches?

Anybody had configured the CMM’s ports vlans to have 2 bh feeding one CMM?
We had ptp400 for 6 ap in a CMM. The ptp400 was hit by a lightning so we put 2 BH20, the idea is to configure the cmm ports so one BH feeds 3 AP and the other BH the other 3 AP


If it’s a CMMmicro you might get it to work using the port-based VLAN configuration in the CMMmicro.

Otherwise each AP/BH set would need to be on it’s own VLAN as two different networks.

Should work on a real CMM, CMM micro you might run into trouble if it thinks there’s a loop. Even with port-based VLANs, it would still be able to see the same traffic coming in on multiple ports. Specifically of concern is traffic destined for the CMM itself. To get around that you could assign the CMM micro’s management VLAN to only one of the backhauls (so the CMM will never try to talk on the other link) or you could make the second BH a totally separate network segment by sticking a router in there. Therefore it will only see it’s configured IP subnet on one port.