Can cnMaestro do configuration and software upgrade for PTP650&670

we need deploy cnMaestro in remote virtual machine, can this NMS do following function for PTP650&670.
firmware upgrade, data configuration, status monitoring, data backup and reload, alarm browse

PTP6X0 support in cnMaestro is extremely limited. Of the items you requested, only status monitoring and alarm browse is available.

thanks a lot. Is there any other way we can realize the mentioned function and which can be deployed together with cnMaestro. By the way can these feature be added to cnMaestro.

Hi ,

As Eric mentioned currently cnMaestro supports the monitoring of the PTP 650/670/700 devices and Alarms/Events browsing. The rest of the features requested like Software update and config update are currently not available and will be added in the future releases.


ok, noted, may i know what is the plan date for future release which we can have the mentioned feature.