Can ePMP radios run on solar power?

Answer: Only unsynchronized units can run on 12V (APs operate at >23VDC)

12VDC on unsynchronized units can be powered via the following:


                +12V to pins 7 and 8

                RET to pins 4 and 5

Cable loss will be substantial at lower voltages.  Please test first if you have longer cable runs.

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Answer : Only unsynchronized units can run on 12V (APs operate at >23VDC)

Except the 3000L AP as it lists the same 14v - 30v range as all the 300 series.

Then again it’s understandable if even Cambium considers the 3000L an “unsynchronized” radio, I know we do.

simple answer yes! we are doing it.

long answer, check each radios voltage range, some use “24v” (range of 10v to 30v, some APs will shutdown below 23v) and some use “48v” (range 36v to 58/56v), make sure you are feeding the radio with the correct voltage.

All can take passive voltage injection but check if the radio (epmp1000 Sync Connectorized and the epmp3000 are ones to watch) needs the 802.3at pinouts or can use cambium pinout.

We use mostly 24v solar sites (80v solar, 24v battery) and have not had any problems with the 32v equalization charges that need to periodically happen. On our 48v sites, it is common to have an equalization charge over 60v, so you need to add a regulator to limit the very high voltage to the radios.