CAN I CONNECT ePMP force 180 to Samsung phone in wifi mode?

Hi i have cambium force 180  5G i want to use it to provide wifi so that i can connect to sumsung mobile phone i do some configuration but i can not see the FORCE 180 on samsung 

RADIO MODE:Access point

DRIVER MODE:standard wifi


freq:5560 mhz on 40 mhz



can anyone Help me 


Please try to configure 5550 MHz.
5560 MHz is not standard WiFi channel.

Thank you.

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My Samsung S5 could see standard 5Ghz WiFi channels that my S6 cannot.  We have a battery pack with built in WiFi that can do 5Ghz or 2.5Ghz and while my old S5 never had a problem regardless of what 5Ghz channel it used my S6 will only see one of the 5Ghz channels (I forget which one) and honestly it doesn't seem to work very reliably even then. I gave my old S5 to one of the installers and it continues to work flawlessly regardless of the channel.

So adding to what Fedor said your Samsung may be very selective about what standard 5Ghz WiFi channels it can see, my S6 is anyway (my Samsung tablet can see all the 5Ghz channels and works well on them all but a coworker's new LG can only see one channel also)