can i login into a router remotely???

if i am on our network and someone is using a SM, obviously i can get into their radio, but can i get into their router(linksys,d-link etc…)?? it would be really helpful to check their settings remotely

If you have your customers permission, IP address, password, and they have remote administration enabled, then yes.

Not sure if default firmware allows it, though I do know ddwrt firmware for linksys does (and I’m sure most popular custom firmware would allow it). You just have to put a special port number beside their IP to reach the device. I haven’t played with port forwarding in the SM to see if our nat’d customers can be remotely checked on.

SM needs to be in bridge mode.

In the router enable “Allow Remote Management”. You can specify the port you want to use and some routers allow you specify https as well as accessing IP.