Can I replace the functionality of CNS server by cnMaestro


I´m new in Cambium Network World.

I have not yet installed CNS server, but I have onboarded all my ePMP devices on cnMaestro.

I don´t want ro rewok, for that my question is, Can I replace the functionality of CNS server by cnMaestro?

cnMaestro is getting there... it's a diamond in the rough. At the moment we use it for mass firmware updates, and pushing out configuration templates. The monitoring and alarm system basics are there, but are still a work in progress. They'll also be adding support for other/newer PTP and PMP devices here sometime this year. Older platforms like PMP100/PMP320 won't be supported. I remember hearing at some point cnMaestro will replace CNS and WM4. You'll also eventually be able to install cnMaestro on your own server equipment as well. There are some cnMaestro/cnPilot webinars coming up soon... I think there's one this Thursday @ 11am CST.

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