Can I see what the signal the AP sees is from the SM?

Is there a way from the SM to see what the AP is seeing as far as signal strength?

As I understand it, in the info screen and status the dbm Im seeing is what the SM is seeing, same for AP eval. This would be handy in knowing if I need to go connectorized (which we arent yet using)

In 9.x they added a tool called “Link Status”. This gives you both the uplink (AP) and downlink (SM) readings.

Handiest addition thus far by the Canopy team, IMO.

any drawbacks to making the 9.x jump?

None that I’ve come across so far.

I went through the nightmare of the early 8.x releases and so far 9.3 seems to be a high quality build. We had just started deploying Canopy near the end of the 7.x era so I can’t really compare it there.

You can also see the signal on “Session status” page of the AP.

Yeah, that’s always been there but it’s a PITA to have to log in to separate units to get a gauge of the signal quality. Much nicer to have all the info I need on one page, accessible directly from the SM’s web GUI.