Can I use 48V DC on ePMP1000 sync AP?

Can I use 48V DC on pins 7,8 (+) and 4,5 (return) instead of standard 30? It seems that since in 802.3af mode the device can handle 48V it could even in “proprietary” PoE mode.

In theory you could power this radio from any source between 22v 400ma and 57v 200ma, but with a spare pair type injector (-4,5 +7,8), you would not get gigabit speed, because they don’t connect the 45 and 78 pairs to anything in the signal side, those pairs are left “floating” in the DATA side, and directly connected to power in the POE side.

You will need a gigabit capable POE injector to get gigabit speeds, these do not use the spare pair technique (where pairs 45 78 only transfer power).

Instead, a gigabit injector will use a transformer to couple the 4 incoming data pairs, then inject power across those pairs, and another transformer inside the 802.3af radio will separate the power and data signals.