Can not add network point

Hi Mates 

I'm can not add networks point and links in link planner I was able to create before but now I can not , I reinstalled link planner but i'm still facing the issue 

Your Replies Appreciated 

I'm sorry you're having problems with LINKPlanner!

Did you try creating a new project first? (Top upper left, under File, New Project.)

If you don't create a project, the "New Network Site" and "New PTP Link" options are greyed out.

If this doesn't help you, please provide more detail about exactly what you're trying to do, and I'll continue to help you.

I hope this helps!


It didn't  help 

I create network site and I can see it in network sites but I can not see it on the map even If I saied the location hidden , I tred  to create the link from the place I create but still I coud not 

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I'm sorry you're still having problems with LINKPlanner!

Please contact customer support and they'll walk you through this process.

You can reach them world-wide, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

I hope this helps!