Can not push configuration to device


I claim e400 on cloud success but i can not push configuration to device

please help me !

Can you click the clipboard icon (next to the red bar) and let us know what the message is?

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This one ! right ?

Yes that's the one.

Can you go to AP Groups (select your AP Group) > Configuration > Network.

Under VLANs is your IP Address set as DHCP?

Also on the same page are your DNS Servers blank?

Under Vlans my ip address set as DHCP and DNS severs Blank . Is that wrong ?

Because i did a same thing before ( set as DHCP and DNS severs blank ) and it's still work

I have the same settings and was able to push configuration, so that clearly isn't the problem.

Within the "Inventory" section there is a list of IP addresses for each AP, for your problem AP is there anything there that looks out of place?

Maybe someone from Cambium is able to shead some light on what exactly the error message "name_server:Invalid IP address" is refering to?

I guess I have to send an email to cambium support team !

any way thank you for helping me

Good luck, let us know if you find a solution would be intrested to know.