Can not update PMP SM with cnMaestro

I am running 1.5.1-r8

I am updating my SMs from 15.0.3 to 15.1.1

Our AP and SMs are set up with the default management setup.  We do not set management ip addresses on each SM.  We manage the SMs though the AP.  This makes it so cnMaestro can not see them.

cnMaestro will update the AP but not the SM.  I can update the SMs with Canopy Network Updater (CNUT).  The AP takes the update and relays it to the SMs.  How can I accomplish this with cnMaestro?

Hi joshuajp4191 -- this functionality isn't currently supported in cnMaestro: the SM devices will require connectivity in order to update the software. There is a section in the User Guide (PMP Configuration Prerequisites) that details how the system should be configured. Leveraging the AP to more efficiently update the SMs is something we are considering for cnMaestro, but it hasn't been committed yet.

We have 2100+ SMs. What do you recommend to make our transition easier?  I don't really feel like logging into 2100 SMs to set an address.

The only way to do what you want, with your current configuration, is to use CNUT.  Not only will you be able to perform the update, but you will also be able to schedule the update to automatically start at a  time of your choosing.  Something else you can't do with cnMaestro.

That is how I have done it up to now.  It works great.  The AP comes up right away with all the SMs listed.