Can P7 SM's be upgraded to h/w scheduling?

Subject says it all. I know P8’s can be upgraded using CNUT but can P7 SM’s be upgraded also?

How much performance difference is there in real life between using the P8 AP’s in Software Scheduling and P7 SM’s as opposed to using P9 or P10 and hardware scheduling?

The older gear is readily available at low cost. I’m wondering that wouldn’t be a bad move to stay away from using 802.11 based gear…

All SM’s can be upgrade to h/w sched. only ap’s and bh’s have to be p9+

nucoles wrote:
All SM's can be upgrade to h/w sched. only ap's and bh's have to be p9+


You can use Hardware/Software scheduling on P7, P8, P9 radio’s P10 platform is hardware only.

Also there is a definite performance increase upgrading your access points to P10 hardware. P10 hardware can do Advantage as well as more packets per second!

You will also see a big decrease in latency when converting from software to hardware scheduling.