Can Prizm 2.x run on 64-bit Operating Systems?

Can Prizm 2.x run on 64-bit Operating Systems?

Prizm 2.x is a 32-bit application and will only run as a 32-bit, nothing in this note should be taken to indicate Prizm 2.x runs as a 64-bit application

Windows 64-bit operating systems can automatically run 32-bit applications without changes to the applications. This does not require any special emulators, nor does it require the application to run in any special reserved space of the operating system.

Currently, there is no 64-bit JVM for Windows, so even on a 64-bit Windows operating system, all Java applications run within a 32-bit JVM.

Leveraging this capability, it is possible to run Prizm 2.x as a 32-bit application that resides on a Windows 64-bit Operating System.


Java is installed as normal

The system PATH needs to be modified to reflect the "special" location where Java is installed on a 64-bit Windows Operating System

Default installation directory is:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jre1.5.0_07/bin

where " (x86)" is used by Windows to designated 32-bit applications. Note that the "jre1.5.0_07" may change depending on your exact version of Java that you install.

Modify the Path variable to include this special path

Go to: Control Panel → System → Advanced (tab) → Environment Variables (button)
In the System Variables group, select PATH to edit
Add the full path above to PATH value
Accept by clicking OK twice
License Manager is installed as normal

Prizm is installed as normal


Prizm 2.x will NOT run in any way on a Redhat Linux Enterprise 64-bit Operating System. RHEL requires all applications to run as 64-bit applications. A future release of Prizm is being targeted to have official support for RHEL 64-bit operating systems.

If a 64-bit JVM becomes available for Windows, Prizm 2.x and this application note would NOT be compatible with such a JVM. Prizm 2.x only supports 32-bit versions of the 1.5_x JVM releases.

Cambium makes no claims as to improved or degraded performance of Prizm 2.x when running on a Windows 64-bit Operating System. This Application Notes is intended as a convenience to those that have existing 64-bit servers that they wish to install Prizm on, it is not a recommendation to use a 64-bit system versus a 32-bit system for Prizm 2.x.