Can PTP230 handle atmospheric fade better than BH20?

I currently have a 17 mile link using BH20’s. This link always has fade problems in the spring and fall. Does anyone have the PTP230 in this long or longer links? And do you think these radios handle fading better than the BH20?

our longest link is 15.7 miles with a FSK backhaul @67 DB using 27RD dishes clean line of sight… tipically FSK radios carry a little better than OFDM based radio (thats just a field obersvation) but the 230 have better sensitivity and can be used in a 10MHZ channel which smaller channels tend to help out reciving quality on many types of radios especially wimax radios. the biggest downside of OFDM radios is the S/N ratio problems, they need 10db to perform ok at lower modulations… the FSK can run at max modulation with just 10db. but of course you have to look at the trade off of bit/hert effecients too
if you are having link issues i would use larger dishes, the 27RDs are great and double check your alignment. if you have a little something in the path a 230 will work better than the FSK

We have a couple of 27miles links with ptp230, they are better than ptp100 in most of the cases. But there is dificult to keep up with the inteference resistance of the 7mbps BH10 link.

Also, i think it should be only de ptp230-20mbps.
10mbps licence-for that ptp100 are beter
50mbps licence-not enough pps