Can R201P be setup as NAS Storage device ?

R201P on Firmware version 4.5-R7

Hi - I've read the post and solution provided by Ashutok on how to set up the FTP and SAMBA servers - but like Brian, this does not work for me.

I have created directories home/anonymous on my FAT32 external disc drive and put further data files into anonymous.

I have enabled FTP and SAMBA as suggested. However, I am unable to add any directories on the SAMBA page. The software responds with "no partition" - and indeed the R201 does  not list any partitions. The USB disc does however contain a partition. Althioiugh there is plenty of space on the disc I am nervous of creating a new partition via the R201 interface in case it wipes out my other data.

SAMBA / FTP would be OK for for me but I would prefer to access the device simply as an external device that shows up on the network (for sharing with other machines). 

What am I doing wrong ? What is the "Disc Management" tab for ?

Many thanks for any help offered.



I followed the instructions in the document verbatim and was able to access the drive contents without any issues.

Please try again.