Can someone explain Home and Readonly users?

EDIT: So I found the info in the knowledge base and at least as far back as 2018 these two accounts displayed what they display today… so, at least to me, the account names just don’t do what you would intuitivly assume they do.

That said… it would be nice to have a logon that displays just the dashboard and maybe have the traffic graph on there instead of the management info the end user doesn’t need.

There is a “dashboard” account in the config files but it does nothing. Attempting to logon with username dashboard does nothing, not even a “wrong username/password” error, it simply doesn’t acknowledge you tried to login regardless of what password / no password you try to use with username dashboard .

First , I’m pretty sure that at some point these two accounts got swapped. Home account is now actually the Readonly account and the Readonly account is now the home account. I say that because the Home account gives access to EVERYTHING you just can’t change anything (e.g. Read Only) and I have no clue why anyone would ever give a “home” user access to that while the readonly account is also read only but limits access to “Status” and “Monitor” options (more along the lines of what you might allow a “home” user to have access to.)

There have only been a couple of times over the years that I enabled / gave access to either of these accounts but I’m pretty sure that when I did was the home account and I’m pretty sure home did not use to show “alllll the things !” .

That said… even if they are swapped and “readonly” should be “home” both accounts show more than I would want a home/customer to have access to. No one outside our company needs access to the
Monitor > System page they don’t need to know the address of, or anything about, cnmaestro or factory reset options. They don’t need access to the Monitor>Wireless for sure , what AP’s and Backhauls we have and what frequencies we are using and… I can’t think of a single reason I would want someone to have access to anything at all on this page. Monitor>Network ? no no no !

Just the status page and the bandwidth graph (which should be on the status page!) and really , again, they don’t need the cnMaestro info on there and probably don’t really need to know the AP SSID or te IP of the management Interface…

Thank you for this notice, @brubble1!
We opened an engineering ticket to double-check all users in 4.7.0

Might be cool if the dashboard account worked and only showed the dashboard but only so long as management info was removed and the bandwidth graph was added. Otherwise there is no point in it or the “readonly” account. End users can’t access the management subnet but I don’t want my customers knowing anything about my network that they don’t need to know.

As for the readonly / home accounts being swapped… I assume it was like that from the beginning or if it did get swapped Cambium decided to roll with it and just make it official in the documentation. Even if it was a mistake it can’t be changed now since anyone that is actually giving users access to one of those accounts would not be happy to have them suddenly swapped.

I have given my customers access to the “readonly” account so they can check their Throughput Chart, which helps in troubleshooting slow speeds. (I would like if it showed the eAlign, so customers that want to realign their radios can do it themselves.) It doesn’t look to me like it’s changed any. What firmware are you using?

As I said, it’s been this way since at least 2018 because there is a post from cambium in 2018 explaining the purpose of these two accounts and that is exactly what they do today. I just could have sworn that way back in the begging the “home” user showed what you would intuitively expect an account called “home” to display vs what an account called “readonly” would display.

It doesn’t matter, they both show more info than I would like customers to see while also showing less. I agree the addition of the graphical power meter would be nice. I just don’t see why I would ever want a customer having access to Monitor Network, Monitor Wireless or really even Monitor System. Nor why I would want them to know the IP address of even a single thing on my network.