Can`t elevate new mikrotik routerboards

i want to elevate mikrotik to epmp 

i used to do it by downgrading the routerboard to version 6.40.x and then use elevate tool to do so ,

but now i got a shipment of routerboards with factory versions 6.44 and i couldn`t downgrade them to 6.40.x 

i could not use netinstall either ,

the elevate tool does not support version 6.44

is there any solution for this ?

Thank you for the post. I have forwarded this to our support and development teams.

You are doing something wrong - netinstall works for sure best effects i have with Disc Lite -

 netinstall to 6.40.9 is good solution. I've just buy firs cambium 3000L and elevated 21 clients - and as i know remotly only new models of sxt lite can be done and every Disc lite i could make remotly.

old models of sxt lite you have to make on cable you loose settings donwgrading to 6.40.9 on most units



Initially Elevate was meant for existing networks, but for the brand new equipment. There are no plans to support new devices.



S/N a series of devices for which Elevate is impossible in my case.

817608F242XX      LHG5)

88EB085239XX     LHG5 XL
88EB0487DBXX    LHG5 XL
88EB082504XX     LHG5 XL

We need know all 8XXXXXXXXXXX S/N can't be elevated ???

@ aliinet

 please show serial numbers devices.

Hello, I have encountered the same problem.

We are migrating the network little by little since we have several nodes, economically it is not feasible for us to migrate the network to Cambium at once, we are faced with a complex scenario as we cannot downgrade the version from routers to 6.40.x since in the network where we already have cambium we are installing proprietary cambium equipment, but in parts of the network where we have not yet implemented cambium we need to continue mounting mikrotik, the problem arises when we implement cambium in this part of the cambium network that we must necessarily go to the customer's home to replace the customer's equipment and not be able to take advantage of the benefits of the elevates.

Thank you

Any updates on this.Am experiencing the same problem.