Can we customize link planner reports?

Hello. I would like to know if I can customise the link planner ptp and PMP reports? Like changing disclaimer etc.

Also I recently encountered a nice project proposal feature. Previously I used to print two copies one for ptp another for pmp.
It would be great to have a single install report also.

Hi bishisht,

Thank you for your enquiry. I am sorry you cannot customize the reports within LINKPlanner. The disclaimer especially is part of the terms and conditions from Cambium with regard to the use of the tool and therefore we cannot allow that to be changed by the user within LINKPlanner.

The installation reports can easily become quite large reports, which is why we have left them as separate reports, however we will have a look at whether we can combine them for smaller projects.



May be you can put one terms and conditions mandatory from Cambium side and put another terms and conditions for companies that are using link planner. Also please understand this software is good and you should really be putting some efffort to make it better. Making a plugin system will be a great idea. 

Also any updates from your side?

We've got no plans to allow you to customise the report layout or to support plug-ins. However, I've made a note of your request to have an additional terms and conditions page in the reports. This could be an option setting, but it would only support plain text (or possibly limited markup).