Can we download the engineering files from CLI

Hi all

does anyone have a way to download the engineering filrs from CLI(maibe telnet or wget)

I do like the level of detils in there and I can not get this level from the syslog (450B).

I think you can get this by using CNUT.

Hi Eric

Thanks for the reply. That was my second thought (the first one was telnet). 

I've tried CNUT but I cuold not make it work on Linux, could not find any docs or how to's, or does it work on Debian/Ubuntu or requires 64 or 32 bit. Also I'm a bit skeptic as it looks like java app and that may dificult to maitain in linux long therm(some times java just brakes in my experince). Anyway ... I would appretiate any help on How to run CNUT  on Ubuntu 64 and how to download Engineering files CLI. 

You mentioned linux.

Have you tried wget?

wget http://ipaddress/engineering.cgi --post-data="CanopyUsername=admin&CanopyPassword=admin&login=Login"

Just be careful as this will leave an open session in the AP. Running this too often may temporarily lock you out of the radio.

(I am not sure the proper way to correctly "logoff" if you choose to use wget.)

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