Can we have Asymetric DSO availability in PTP600 next release ?

That will be great if we can have Asymetric DSO (like in PTP650) available in PTP650 Spectrum Expert. This is very handy and professional tool.When Master side has no noise on current channel,but Slave side has high noise on the same channel.Now since Slave has to follow Master radio,it will suffer with noise. 

Having Asymetric DSO enabled at Master side gives capability to Slave to have low noise channle selection even though this is not matched with Master.

One more practicle scenario is when Slave is on tower where multiple vendor radios are installed and clashing the channels.

This is also good as per customer perspective since PTP600 comes with single band.

Deepesh Chandra Sharma.
Technical Specialist-L3 Networks.
Cisco Certified Network Professional.
Cambium Certified over PMP/PTP/ePMP.

Thanks for the suggestion. As it happens, Asymmetric DSO is already available in PTP 600.