Can we use 450b (C050045C012A) for point to point link?

Can we use 450b (C050045C012A) for point to point link using licence or any other method?

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The model you cite (C050045C012A) ONLY functions as an SM.

There are other models available for purchase that can function as either PTP or SM. These are several different SKUs (different model numbers) because regulations on Backhauls impact these radios differently. However, they are priced the same as the SM-only versions.

Therefore, we don’t offer any keys to convert from one to the other. If you need a PTP-capable version, please see your channel partner and make sure you order the correct model for your region.

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currently my dealer is announcing that the PMP450B25 model with the new update can be used for Ptp is it possible that this is true? I’m interested in it as I want to test a 3.5km ptp link with Pmp540B25 and see if I can get through about 120mb with medium to high noise zone

The model number will depend on where in the world you are using the equipment. There are varying SKUs depending on the regulatory rules in which the radio will operate.

As a note, though, if the model number ends in “Bxxxx”, then it will operate in a Backhaul mode, rather than just as a CPE (which is “Cxxxx”).

By example, C050045B025A is the high gain 450b radio (without encryption) that will operate at either backhaul or subscriber.