can you access pmp450 SM gui through r200p?

Is there anything special you have to do in order to access the pmp 450 SM gui through a r200p router? Im wanting to access it wirelessly for pointing on the roof using a battery pack to power the router. I can not get it to work through any router, only directly into a laptop.

Im sure it’s just a setting config.


That's right , it has to be something with the configuration.

It will work but it all depends on your requirements.

For example in case you want to run the Brigde mode and would like to use cnMaestro then you will have to configure the R200 in basic mode.

The same information is also available in the user guide on page 58 under Fast Bridge Setting option.

You can download the same from the below link:

Like wise it will also work in the DHCP mode. May I know how would you want to use the R200p i.e in DHCP mode or in Bridge mode etc.

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Here is the link for the same:


Hardik Patel

Hello, thank you for responding! It doesn’t matter to us if it’s in bridge or dhcp mode. As long as we can plug a PMP 450 SM into the POE port on the r200p and power it by whatever means we need to (in this case a portable outlet battery pack), and be able to log into the SM gui to conduct alignment and anything else we may need to wirelessly. It didn’t seem logical to carry around an extension cord and a laptop to bring up on a roof or an inverter back in your truck with the laptop there and climb up and down to make adjustments. I saw in another thread someone was asking for a meter, well what better merger than the SM its self. We have already placed the r200p in dhcp mode and rebooted, it had no effect and locked up out of the router for about 20 minutes. We changed the settings back and here we are, we will give it another try, however. If interested, I can send some photos of the end working product to streamline SM installation’s, it sounds like a product many installers would purchase.

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I do not see any reason why it should not work.

The cnPilot Home R200P/R201P model has PoE out functionality on WAN port which can power a single PMP450 or ePMP 1000 SM (Subscriber Module).

Please correct me if I am wrong, you are able to power on the device , however; unable to access the same?

If this is the case could you please share the config file for the R200P, also I would like to know the network topology.

Could you please send us an email to along with your contact details so we can work on this issue.


Hardik Patel


Ok, so status update we bridged the r200p and are now able to access the gui of the SM. Thanks for the help, are Yall interested in seeing our battery pack kit plus r200p hooked up together? Other installers would probably love to get ahold of this.

Mitchell Block


Good to hear that everything is working fine.

You can always contact us in case you need any further assistance.

Sure, please share the pictures. Its always interresting to see something new.


Hardik Patel