Can you buy Force 200's w/o the dish?

I have a growing collection of un-used Force 200 dish assemblies.  This is the result of old RMA's, bad radios, dropped radios, etc.  What I'd like to do is buy some Force 200's without any of the dish parts - just the Force 200 radio & power supply box.

Any way this can be done? Our reseller does not have a SKU for this - maybe no one does.  I'm not really wanting to warehouse all these dishes in my basement and I can't bring myself to throw them away...

Or, is there a second hand market for dishes? Like in areas where salt air corrodes the dish? I'd be happy to give them away if the recipient would pay shipping.

No, you can't but Force 200 horns with dish.

I think 5 packs of horns should be sold seperately. I do not see what the big deal of doing this would be, in fact Cambium WISP operators would most likley praise Cambium for this.

This would lower costs for Repairs in the WISP industry and stop the stock piling of excess dishes. Not to mention this would be environment friendly. No more wasting brand new dishes and taking them to a metal recycler.


Totally agree there should be a SKU for Force 200's without the dish hardware. They are already boxed perfectly.

In the mean time, if anyone wants a 4-pack of brand new dishes and mounting hardware, they are yours for the taking if you pay to ship them...

Dont want the dishes, but im on board with the whole force 200 replacement radio idea. Just the radio would be nice, as long as Cambium doesnt charge the full force 200 price for just the horn. I am sure the manufacturing costs of the dish vs radio is fairly close to 50% of the retail price. So make it near half the force 200 price.