Can you buy mounting brackets for 3000 AP ?

Looking at using the 3000 with rf-elements horns or possibly other sectors , are there any other mounts that can be purchased for the 3000 so it can be attached to mast/pipe or whatever ?

There is a wall and pole mount bracket that can be ordered separately. It is for ePMP 3000 but not ePMP 3000L.

N000900L060A: ePMP 3000 Wall-and-Pole-Mount Bracket

Extract from the announcement:

However, in some cases, customers may decide to mount the ePMP 3000 AP directly to a pole or to a wall. For those applications, Cambium is introducing a Wall-and-Pole-Mount Bracket. The accessory includes a bracket, 4 bolts to attach to the access point, and two hose-clamp pole attachments.


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