Cannot Determine Device Scheduler Information ?

I am trying to upgrade AP SW 4.2.3. but I always get below mentioned error report:

DeviceStatus=Status:-1;HOST:xxxxxxxx;ESN:0A003EF0DB8C;Message:Cannot Determine Device Scheduler Information, Check SNMP Parameters ( SITE= <Not Available> )

What does it mean and where is the problem?

Check your SNMP parameters. If you’re trying to update it through an AP using CNUT, then change it to the defaults of “Canopy” and for the network. If you’re doing it directly, make sure that your SNMP information matches up with the system doing the upgrade.

I see several potiental issues.

First, firmware version 4.x did not offer HWS, only software. Thusly, it makes sence that whatever method CNUT uses to determine what scheduling is in place is not yet implemented in 4.x.

Also, there is a stated update path we must follow. 4.x cannot go straight to 7.2.

Hope that helps,

There you go. I guess I didn’t see this… even though I have updated some 4.x units directly to 7.2. Your milage may vary.

Shaman666 wrote:
I have updated some 4.x units directly to 7.2

I've never auctually tried, but that's cool that it works. I remember reading (somewhere) that we have to use 4.x -> 6.0 -> 7.x and just took Moto at their word.