Cannot get BH slave to register - keeps dropping off??

We have 5.7 BH’s at a distance of about 14 miles (I have a similar shot at another site working fantastically!) The Master is on a tower at 150’ and the slave is on a 10’ antenna on the roof the building about 20’ high but a higher location. I can see the entire tower with binochulars from the roof and we are at about the same elevation. I have used the tone for alignment and have been quite successful with it except for this site. I will get good tone for about 3 seconds and then it will drop for about 3 seconds. While monitoring the radio it will scan, sync and try to register and the start all over. The RSSI is lower than I would like (about 820) and the jitter hops around between 6 and 11. I have tried bumping down to 10 mbps and still have the same problem. I replaced the radio on the roof site with a new one and had the same issue. I have not been able to change the other yet (need tower climber) There is one more wrinkle, we are shooting across a canyon about 1/2 mile wide and 400’ deep. Any thoughts?

Are you trying to shoot over any water?

Yes, there is a river at the bottom of the canyon. Maybe a couple hundred feet across.

cwingfield wrote:
Yes, there is a river at the bottom of the canyon. Maybe a couple hundred feet across.

That wouldn't affect your fresnel zone. Sounds like you're getting something interfering with your fresnel zone somewhere.

At this distance i’d try to aim only one reflector at a time (so other site will not have reflector only the head unit). If you get the max available RSSI, and lower jitter (dont forget to take you balance to lower jitter than higher rssi!) lets aim the other reflector too.
You also have to check RSSI on both sites (Sessions in the Master unit).
But first of all:[u:3tzwzejq]Turn both unit to slave, and lounch Spectrum Analyser![/u:3tzwzejq]. (The newest firmware has a graphical display, so more useful. Select the most free 4Bar (20mhz) part of the spectrum and use that.