I have a problem where once in a while I cannot access our Subscriber Modules. Its an intermittent problem that seems to correct itself if I wait long enough, or if I reboot the Access Point.

Has anyone else had this problem and was there a solution? Motorola told me it was a known issue that a software upgrade in the future might correct.
Well I upgraded all APs and SMs to 6.1 and still have the same problem.
The customer’s still have service just fine, I just cannot remote into them.

Then Motorola said it was virus traffic since the radio IPs are local on a VLAN…no …thats not it either.

Anyone have any ideas?

Yup, it is a known issue. The embedded web server seems to stop working after a bit. Some people have said it only affected certain IP ranges. You can still telnet into the radios just fine. Also, the radios pass data through them normally.

It was NOT fixed by 6.1. The funny thing is, Motorola knows about it but can’t seem to fix it. :smiley:


Others have reported that changing the Bridge Timeout option from the
default of ‘25’ to the maximum of ‘1440’ will correct the problem.

I did this to all of the ones I was having problems with and it did solve my trouble. 8)

We solved this problem by assigning only 10. private IPs to our SMs. It hasn’t happened to us since we did this.

We solved this problem by assigning only 10. private IPs to our SMs.

I did this as well. I can't remember if I had the problem too much before I made the change (for network reason) but I know I have not experienced it since. We are using 10.32... addresses.