Cannot stop job. All devices have already begun their updates.


we wanted to change the Radio Settings of our WLAN "KK" and now there is a Job #2 hanging and hindering to send out Jobs 3-6. We cannot Stop Job #2, if we do so the Error message is: "Cannot stop job. All devices have already begun their updates."

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Hi Michael,

Is this a stuck configuration or software update job?

Once all devices complete their updates the job should end automatically.  If there is a problem during the update the devices should fail by timeout after five minutes.  Once this happens the job should end.  How long has the job been in this state?

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Hi Jordan,

thanks for your fast reply.

it is a config job, which is hanging.

it is for about 4 hours in this state.

now i disconnected the APs becouse I am no longer at the office today...

is there no other option to delete this already started job?

Thank you!

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If this is a cloud account please invite me to your account and I'll take a look.  Administrators -> Add Cambium Support -> jordan.stipati

If this is an on-premises installation, the easiest fix will be to restart the server.  This will restart the configuration process and kick-start it to fail that stuck job.

It’s cloud, sorry I forgot to mention.
I just invited you

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Thanks for inviting me to your account.

I saw that the job was still active even though all devices within it had completed last night.  I logged in today to get more info for fixing this manually and see that the job has been deleted and jobs 3 and 4 were run.  Did the job stop on its own?  Did you delete it?

This information will help in debugging this to prevent future occurrences.  Thanks in advance.

Hi Jordan,

Im so sorry. As I was out of office the whole day, my colleague opened a ticket (124419) at your support and they fixed it. I forgot to tell him about our conversation at this forum, sorry for that.

thanks again for your assistance and fast reply!


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I'm glad to hear you got it resolved.  Thanks for the update and the ticket number.  I'll follow up with support.

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