Cannto access AP's thru CMM

I am having trouble accessing the Ap’s thru the CMM. I can connect to the AP’s directly but not when I try to go thru the CMM it doesn’t work.

AP’s 7.2.9
CMM 2.2 Build 2

Does anybody have any ideas?

I’m guessing you are trying to access the CMM and AP’s from the ground. I’ve had this problem also. All we use are CMM micros, so I don’t know if this will work for the regular CMM’s. But you have to allow the ports that you have your AP’s plugged into to “talk” to the port that you are trying to access them through. And vice versa. This is assuming that you have made one of your ports an upload port. Hope this helps. If not, feel free to post questions or comments.

I am using a CMM Micro, sorry forgot to mention that part.
I just started using canopy and we have had our system up for about a month. Two days ago this problem started.

After reading your response I checked the configuration and all of the uplinks were unchecked.

I just rebooted the CMM and everyhting is working.

Thanks for the help