Canopy 150/300Mbps 5.4Ghz Throughput (aggregated) PTP

I have been testing the canopy 150/300Mbps however I would like to know why I only have a throughput of 67 Mbits seen below, while the link supports a maximum of 150Mbit, software restriced.

[1776] local port 5001 connected with port 1067
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
[1776] 0.0-10.1 sec 81.4 MBytes 67.4 Mbits/sec

These results are from comp. a to comp. b.

Canopy 150/300Mbps 5.4Ghz PTP.

Optimize for IP is enabled.

Both links are running at QAM-256 so the maximum modulation is available, and the link clearly says that it is running at maximum receive mode. This is on the master and the slave.

Both links are hooked up to a 1 Gbit port FD.

My understanding is that this link will manage itself concerning the throughput. So it can adjust its ratio, like 130Mbps on the master and 20 on the slave if needed. This isn’t happening at all, isn’t this what “optimize for IP” stands for?

And why do I have a throughput of 67.4 Mbps?

If this is the maximum achievable bandwidth, why does it say 150 Mbps aggregated?

Thank you in advance.


We are waiting for our 150Mbs link to arrive. I am really concerned about what you just wrote. Please keep us updated with any news concerning this.


did you order a 150Mbps or a 300Mbps radio?


The link supports a maximum of 150Mbit, software restriced. The link is upgradable to 300Mbit with a key, a change in the radio is not needed.

What is the distance of your link?


The distance is within 100m indoor, I have lowered the TX power output, but with no result. I also placed a big object between the links to simulate more free space path loss but yet again without result.

The wireless conditions are not optimal however the modulation is at its highest so I can assume that I have a perfect link and maximum throughput.


To make it more difficult, the link is saying that it runs on 140Mbps aggregated but iPerf says otherwise.

So how is the value 140Mbps calculated?

Right. But if it’s not unlocked for 300M, then you are going to see ~75M both ways assuming there is no heavy traffic flow running across the link.

The radio is designed such that if the traffic is flowing more heavily in one direction it will dynamically adjust the rate of flow. You would need to start a large (200-300MB) file transfer with no traffic flowing on the other direction in order to see the radio rate adjust.Even then the file may transfer too quickly for the radio to adjust the flow.

If you are getting 67/68 that is about 135MB out of a possible 150 so I would say that is pretty good.

what is you your receive powers like
what you link loss on the status page
vector error
what is the range saying ?


Receive Power = -29.5
Link Loss = 77.5 db
Vector Error = -27.7 db
Range = 0.1km
Integrated Antenna


So when I want to test the link I should initiate a very large file transfer. Strange enough when testing with Iperf it didn’t automatically adjust; I had the test running for like a half an hour.

Do you know how long it takes for the radio to adjust?

Thanks four your information btw


I hope that other people will post throughput tests to, then I can compare the results with mine.

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If you are testing the speed by copying a file from computer to computer, you may want to factor in that the hard disk could be bottlenecking. If you can try to setup a ramdisk on each computer when copying, that may improve your results