Canopy 2.4 with sony PTZ camera slow

We are testing the canopy with the use of remote cameras. We are using the 2.4 canopy and sony PTZ. Everything works great but the delay. when connected to the camera directly we get smooth PTZ. when connected through the canopy we get slow responce when trying to PTZ.

The AP is 500ft from the SM

Any setup sugestions?

Thanks in advance.


Is the cameras SM the only SM on the AP or are you doing a point-to-multipoint install where this link is a small portion? Are you rate limiting the SM at all? How does the link quality look when you perform a link test in both directions?

If you are doing the default of 75% down and 25% up then you might want to change it to 50/50%. You will want to do this because you probably have the majority of the traffic available to the downlink and the video is using the uplink.

We have 1 AP and 2 SM’s doing point-to-multipoint. Set the up and down to 50/50%

When we PTZ it is verry slow to respond.

any sugestions.