Canopy 6.1

I am a newbie to Canopy and trying to add a new SM with 8.1.5 s/w to my existing 6.1 network. Will they work without upgrades?

8.1.* only supports hardware.

6.1 only supports software.

you must upgrade your sms/aps to 7.3.6 to to enable hardware.

your aps must be a p9 board to support hardware.

right now it will not work.

Thanks, Vince that was what I was afraid of. I am having trouble finding the older software between 6.1 and 7.3.6 On Motorola’s site I can get the 2.2 CNUT and the latest s/w but can’t find CNUT 1.1 (I guess this works with 6.1) and the older s/w

Call tech support, they have all the old stuff archived. They may be difficult about it, just make sure you have a new ESN from your SM to give them.

I do. I am adding a brand new SM to my network, this is where all this started. So the upgrade from 6.1 to 7.3.6 and to 8.1.5 is possible and it will allow me to get the old sms and ap to talk to the new ap? Moto tech support told me yesterday that you could not do that.

I recently had to do this myself…

first thing, make sure all of your AP’s have p9 boards. you check this by opening a cmd prompt and typing telnet (the radio ip) then press enter.

press enter
enter user name and password
type ver

it will tell you what board type it is, if its a p9 board you can do hw scheduling, if its a p7,p8 you will need to replace it.

Once you know your AP’s are capable of handling hardware scheduling then you want to upgrade all of your SM’s to 7.3.6. If all of your SM’s are 6.1 you should be able to go straight to 7.3.6, check with support to verify.

Now this is where it gets really fun.

use the 2.2 cnut tool to upgrade all the SM’s to hardware scheduling. this is done by clicking on tools then advantage platform scheduler.

When I did this it only upgrade about 20% of my SM’s the rest I had to assign a public IP and do manually.

Once all your SM’s are in hw scheduling and no SM’s are connecting to your sw AP then configure the AP for hw scheduling. Everyone should then reconnect and now you can use 8.1.*

If you have to replace your AP’s with AP’s that come with 8.1.5 upgrade them to 8.2.2. If you are on 5.2, 5.4 or 5.7 you will need to tweak some of the default settings.

good luck

Wow, looks pretty involved. You mentioned Advantage in CNUT 2.2, does that assume I am using the Advantage product, because I am not. I am currently on the phone with Moto support to track down the older s/w. Thanks very much!!

No, you still use that tool even though you are not on the advantage product.

That works. My username and password that I use to get in via http doesn’t seem to work via telnet, any ideas on that?

I am in now, thanks. AP is P9

One last question. My sms and ap are p9 as are my 2 bhs. Do the bhs need to be upgraded as well? I was told not.

you do not need to upgrade your backhauls

Perfect!, Thanks again.