Canopy 900 Mhz dropping out.

Hi, im pretty new to wireless internet and I don’t fully understand how it all works. Although, recently I just purchased a canopy 900 mhz wireless device from my local isp because its the only broadband that is available in the area.

The reason im posting is im having problems with it and I have contacted my ISP about it and they don’t seem to have the answer at the moment.

Anyways, on to the problem. While browsing or trying to use any internet activity my connection randomly stops. I get time outs and disconnections from everything I am doing and then 5-10 minutes later it starts back up. When its running my speeds are nothing abnormal such as very slow or anything its like a normal working connection as it should be. The only problem I have is this disconnection. I have the modual setup on top of my house and I feel I have it aligned correctly. From reading other topics in this forum I have decent RSSI and jitter levels. Currently my RRSI is standing at 1686 (-61 dBm) while my jitter remains around 1-3 and my software version is 7.0.

The only thing I have noticed is if I go directly to view the status of my canopy during a disconnect it will say “SCANNING” or “REGISTERING”, unfortuntaltly this isn’t the case each time. It only happens a handful of the times.

The only thing I can thing of is I don’t have direct view of the tower, there are a few treetops that obstruct direct line of sight. But, I have read in a few other posts that some people have no problem with connections with even dense vegitation in the way of the tower.

So I guess thats all the info I can think of at the moment, if you need more info please let me know as I will be checking this often.

Thank you for you help in advance.

What type of house do you live in? Older or newer? If older is the antenna grounded using a Surge supressor? If so dissconnect the ground and see if the time outs go away. I have had quite a few older houses work fine and when we grounded the anntenna we would get time outs and loss of connection at times. Hopefully this is the case and fix your issue. I will think if we have any other problems with issues like this.

You may want to un ground it even in a new house to test this.

you have what we see all the itme on 900— interference. It is either from someone close by with a 900 cordless phone or some other 900 system that comes on the air intermittently. 900 is a pain, but sometimes that is all that will get through. then you have this stuff to deal with. Your signal strength is good, it just isn’t good enough to overcome the interference.

cbotts: Currently its not grounded. Yes its an older house but the wireing we have the power running to is all new, its a fresh addition where its installed to.

md: This is unfortnate news, is there any way I could increase my strength or possibly some other way to overcome these dropouts? If not I may have too look for some other alternative or wait till we get some other type of broadband in town. These dropouts are too frequent and far too irritating for what I am paying for this service.

You can learn more about interference issues by putting the SM in Spectrum Analyzer mode and looking for “hills” running sideways on the page. Compare the location of these hills to the frequency your ISP is using to connect your SM. One or more of the hills, in fact, are the ISP’s APs. Also, look at the Spectrum Analyzer both when you’re having a problem and when you’re not.

Tell your ISP what you learn (email them a screen shot); they may be able to help the situation by switching to a different frequency selection. Your ISP cannot run this test on your SM from their office because the SM looses connectivity when it’s in Spectrum Analyzer mode. You’ll have to disable the Spectrum Analyzer to get your Internet connection back.

Let’s not forget that the AP could also be seeing interference. I recently had the same problem at an install, where the jitter was 2’s and 3’s, but the tower was reading 8’s and 9’s. Eventually, the only solution was to move the unit to a different location on the house, with higher jitter yet, but it maintained a constant link at that point. Now you won’t be able to see the tower jitter, but I’m sure your ISP can. Also, make sure the unit does not have any tin or very little metal BEHIND it or anywhere near power lines/Transformers-These could cause some serious problems. Hope this helps.

lets hope the system is using vertical polarization and you can ge them to switch to horizontal. most of the interference we have found from other sources is vertical. I understand there is about 20db separation from v to h

I agree that the interference may be at the ap. Omni antennas are bad about that, especially if they are high up. Paging is 929-931 but cellular is 894+. so both ends of the band may be seeing interference also.

This is out of band interference that de sensitizes the receiver. It is like men in a boat going down the lake with an outboard motor running in the boat and talking. On shore you can hear them quite clearly with the motor humming in the background, but the men almost have to shout at each other 3 feet apart in the boat to hear each other over the motor. Their ears are desensed.
paging transmitters run over a kilowatt erp

Thank you for all your helpful responses. I will try these out immediatly.