Canopy and game ports - slightly offtopic

Hey folks -

I am curious about some things with Canopy/Linux. I am farely new to Canopy, having put our system online early this year.

I have a few gamers that have our service. Some of their online games work, but most do not.

I have customers setup on 192.168.x.x IPs, and going through a FreeBSD box using DHCP. Please forgive, I don’t know a whole lot about Linux just yet - learning as I go. All this is tied together with a Cisco 2600.

What/where do I enable various ports for each game? I kinda figure it has to be in my FreeBSD box or my router.

Maybe somebody out there has BTDT.

Thank you.

we have found that most Xbox live require a Static ip address

interesting I have a ton of customers that play xbox live on dhcp.

You are using a private network range which means there is some level of NAT involved, that is more then likely whats causing the problem. Most ISP’s hand out public IP’s on a DHCP (which means no NAT) but then filter certain things on the SM or router.

How do you have your SM’s configured?

Hi - thanks for the input. I am using DHCP to hand a private IP to the SM. I have DHCP and NAT running on the SM, also.

I would prefer not to give out a real IP, but if that is the only way to do it, I guess I’ll have to.

Double NAT is always a nasty situation.