Canopy and Mikrotik together same tower

Hi ,i would like to know sugesttions for deployment 3 5.7GHz APs Canopy and 3 5.4GHz APs Mikrotik at same tower and same directtion.

We have CMM Micro.

Is there any issues if we connect all APs Canopy and all APs Mikrotik into same CMM Micro?

Is there any issues with interference frecuency?

Do we must to put a managed switch to separate APs Canopy and APs Mikrotik ?

What separate vertical distance we must deployment Canopy from Mikrotik?

What will be yours best sugesttions and recomendattions?

I will apreciate all yours comments.

Very Thanks

CMM has nothing to do with Mikrotik. Personally I would suggest sticking with Canopy for your entire deployment. I am the 13th most active poster on the Mikrotik forums and provide support for this product. I also have dozens of them deployed. Canopy is far superior.

Hi Carlos
there is no specific issue using Canopy and Mikrotik on the same tower, apart from the usual considerations about RF sharing.
You should of course separate the frequencies as much has you can and possibly mount the antennas not so close each other in order to minimize interferences.
With Mikrotik you cannot sync RF in any way.
I have many towers in which I use 5400 AP for distribution and Mikrotik as Point-to-point and I didn’t have any particular issue.