Canopy and Transmission of video

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Does someone know TIPS in the configuration of Canopy, to improve the transmission of images of video?

I use Canopy in 5.7 GHz in a place with high interference and i am trying to transmit video from a PELCO camera (spectra IV). Due to this camera can use up to 6 Mbps of bandwidth, theoretically with a BH10 or with AP-SM Advantage it must work, but in the practice it is not possible to achieve it. Only restricting the camera to 3 Mbps. we can have a relatively stable link but with pixeled images.

I have tried OFDM 150 Mbps. with the same camera PELCO, and improves the quality of the link, but anyway there are delays, losses of packetc and images with pixelation. In the OFDM appears " restricted because of byte errors ".

Does exists some parameter that it could change into the configuration of the Canopy (AP-SM-BH) to improve the link, to lower the latency, to diminish the loss of packages and / or to eliminate the pixelation?

How can I avoid the message " restricted because of Byte erros " in the OFDM?



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post link caracteristics.
distance, dbm, link test,
if you need 6 meg use BH20…or maybe, if you already have AP+SM put the AP conected to the camera. PTMP is not intended for high uploads, but hi downloads…(use 2x)

MauricioDiaz, Why do you need the camera set to use so much bandwidth? I am running a whole school district on my system for Video classroom cources with 2way audio and video on that kind of speed.

Are you running JPEG, or MPEG? If the camera will do MPEG you will be better off example:

JPEG 1 camera resolution at 352x288 with medium to low compression at 30 frames per second will use 3.69 Mbit/s

MPEG4 1 camera resolution at 352x288 at 30 frames per second will use 800Kbit/s or .8Mbit/s

QOS with no congested links is the key also. The packets must be tagged with a DiffSERV codepoint leaving the camera and all devices between must prioritize the traffic.