Canopy and Voip?

We are an ISP and some of our customers are useing Vonage. One of the customers and doing some trouble shooting and such. He has said that one day he had to reboot his router and it fixed the issue. Then he had to reboot the sm another day and it fixed the issue. We are useing the latest firmware 6.1 and was wondering if its posible that there is a issue with the new firmware or such? Perhaps with the surge suppressor? I am at a loss.

His speed test was running at 1.5 down and 1 meg up!

Is the customer able to do other things besides voip such as surf the web and transfer data? Has the user tried rebooting the Vonage box during his troubleshooting?

We found that to get a good quality connection on vonage the high priority packets in the SM need to be set.