Canopy application in SCADA system

Ofcourse we can use canopy equipment to communicate with Modbus Ethernet and transfer data to central locations . But my point is , can Canopy equipment be optimized for SCADA applications ? Some locations may be as far as 30 km away from central location… Is it advisable to use it under these circumstances?

And has the canopy equipment already tested and installed in SCADA applications?
I would appreciate if some one can guide me on how we proceed with terrain path survey before deciding on Radio equipment selection.



I have heard, and talked to, a few customers using Canopy for SCADA applications. I dont have any test data on these installs so I hope someone else reading this will share their experience.

You can most certainly use Canopy as far as 30 km. We have installs much further than that.

Here is the url to the thread on terrain survey tools. It was discussed quite a bit last month. … light=topo