Canopy at 5600 Mhz??? anyone?

I recently posted a topic about setting frequencies on canopy to other than the freq. you see in the regular config page. I bumped into this “other” config page that allows me to set frequencies like 5600 mhz, 5605, 5610, 5615. Has anyone seen this? Are these license or unlicensed? You can do the same to 2.4 and 5.2, wether they are AP, SM or BH. The only issue is that, at least with 7.3.6, when you make a config change to an SM or BHTS you have to make sure you configure those frequencies before rebooting it.

Hmm, what could be the URL for that page?

I have only seen ism.html which allows you frequencies from 5735 to 5840. If I can have up to 5600, I guess I’ll be able ot avoid so much more interference. BTW, I’m using 7.2.9